Noke World's First Bluetooth Padlock and Bike Lock To Go On Sale in UK

Noke World's First Bluetooth Padlock and Bike Lock To Go On Sale in UK

March 30, 2016

America’s hottest portable smart-lock will hit UK shores this month, freeing cyclists and fitness fans from the hassle of finding padlock keys and remembering gym locker combinations forever.

Noke Padlock on Locker

Designed to be the simplest electronic device users own, the Bluetooth enabled Noke is controlled by app, giving quick and easy access to bicycles and sporting equipment with no keys required.


Noke has taken America by storm after launching with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. “We are excited to introduce the full functionality of Noke to British cyclists and sports fans” said David Gengler, Co-Founder and CEO of Noke. 

Ultra high-tech and with cutting edge functionality, Noke padlocks are the most convenient way to keep expensive equipment such as mountain bikes safe on the go. There’s no need to carry padlock keys or combination locks and no tech other than a smartphone or watch is required. The smart lock automatically finds and connects to a Bluetooth enabled device, making safety simple and stress free.

Dips Patel, Business Development Director of AML said: "We are thrilled to bring Noke to the UK in order to revolutionise and disrupt the way cyclists and the fitness community thinks of padlocks and bike locks. We were impressed by the Noke team’s desire to never compromise on product quality and look forward to bringing Noke to the UK later this spring."

Equipped with shackles made from boron-hardened steel, Noke also provides the highest level of security. The smart lock opens with the Noke app, which is compatible with smartphones and watches. Share access to the lock with friends or swipe to view the lock’s history and see at a glance when, where and by whom the lock was last used. 

Founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, Noke will be sold in the UK via A. Mistry Ltd (AML), a 40- year-old family business with extensive brand building experience in the hardware and sporting goods sector. 



Cameron Gibbs, Co-Founder and COO of Noke said, “We think A. Mistry Ltd is a perfect fit for expanding our brand to sports gear consumers and biking enthusiasts and we are eager to collaborate with the company during the upcoming launch of our U-Lock.”

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About A. Mistry Ltd

 A. Mistry Ltd. is a second-generation family owned business. For the last 40 years the company has designed, manufactured, distributed and e-retailed brands in the UK and worldwide. 

The company is located in the university town of Loughborough in the East Midlands, an area famous for sports, engineering and textiles. Since 1976, AML has worked with leading retailers in a number of sectors within the hardware, pharmaceutical, sporting goods and gifting sectors. The company offers brands fulfilment, distribution and e-retail capability, specifically servicing innovative start ups in the connected and digital world.

The mantra by which founder Arvind Mistry has worked during the 40 year period “Never compromise on product, quality and customer service” remains as true today as it always has been.

About Noke

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Noke is dedicated to innovating smart-locks of every kind, making locks an asset to consumers rather than a hindrance. The company was founded in late 2014 with the help of the Kickstarter community, which backed multiple successful campaign launches to make Noke’s vision a reality. The Noke team has since doubled in size and works to make securing, sharing and tracking locks a seamless and convenient user experience.


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